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The Firm BIBITESANTALUCIA s.r.l.. individualizes, in the full satisfaction of its clients expectations, the priority objective of its  Quality  system Politic and it believes that the service must be characterised to the maximum flexibility and efficiency and aimed to  guarantee constantly to the client, products of quality and conforming to the standards in food safety subject.


The Firm BIBITESANTALUCIA s.r.l., is about today to complete new and important progress in national field and also international. To such extend, the Management has revealed  the need to stir toward the implementation of a Certifiable  System Business Quality ,this not only to prevent  eventual  the non- conformity of products introduced on the market and offered, but also to improve continually along  the reached qualitative standards.

The implemented System Quality will be for the Firm BIBITESANTALUCIA s.r.l., tool for the satisfaction of the objectives that the Management has established to reach, such endeed not only in the improvement of the qualitative standards of its products but also and especially in the improvement of the management of its processes .The Management, with the purpose to make its corporate structure adherent to the System of management for the rule of Quality An ENs ISO 9001:2015, pursue in first  person with all the necessary means, the conformity of the System to the requisite required by the normative one, using it as  an essential means of the firm management.
The objectives that the Management has individualized and that they aimed  be reached with the involvement of the whole staff, they can be  hereafter reassumed :

  1. Direct, continuous and permanent involvement of the General Direction in the management of the System Quality;
  2. Involvement and direct share, fully and aware of the personnel to all levels in the implementation of the System Quality;
  3. Relationship of maximum cooperation and transparency towards clients with the purpose to evaluate and to interpret correctly  their  demands to be able to operate at  the best  way ,respecting  their requirements.
  4. To give a fundamental role to the training and development of the whole stuff.
    5. Reduction of eventual ,inside and external non-conformities  found during audit , either  inside and external.
  5. constant respect of the existing rules in terms of the food safety
  6. Individualization of the interested parts, to understand needs of it and expectations, in relationship to the impact that they can have on the ability of the organization;
  7. To furnish products and services that meet the demands of the Client and respecting  laws and rules;
  8. Satisfaction of the Client. Expectations
  9. To apply constantly the principles and requisites of the plain HACCP (analysis of the risks and critical points of control) integrating them in the system quality;
  10. Control of the productive environment, the product, the processes and the competence of its own personnel.
  11. To apply with constancy the procedures and the routines of job defined within the System Quality
  12. To remain and to strengthen its own position on the market, representing for the clients a constant point of reference in the production  of Soft Drink   sector.

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